Care Instructions

Most garments can be machine washed on COLD and DELICATE, then tumble dried with LOW HEAT. However, we strongly recommend that the garment be machine washed cold and laid flat to dry instead of using a dryer.

For best performance, please hand wash cold and lay flat to dry. This will help to protect the colorfastness of the garment as well as the construction of the elastane fiber in the waistband. Due to the sensitivity of the fabric, for longer lasting dyes and sustainability of the fabric garment should not be put in a dryer.

Before washing for the first time, always read the fabric care label of each garment.

Flipping your undies inside out, washing separately, or handwashing can help keep them like new for longer as well as keeping the color from some dyes from transferring to other surfaces. If special care is needed, it will be noted on the care instructions of the individual garment.

Take care of your Bummer undies and Bummer will take care of you!