5 Best Panties for the Independent and Bold Women!

There’s a saying that happiness is an inside job, Bummer is committed to this. We take it quite literally, when we say that a good foundation results in a great outcome. And it all starts with the undies you choose to start your day off with! Your undies are not something other people will notice but they have a major role in shaping up your personality and subconsciously giving you a confidence boost. Just imagine getting all dressed up to make a positive impression at an event but your undies are either riding up or chafing against your skin making you feel miserable.

We usually stick to one type of undies without giving it much thought, but this part of your wardrobe needs just as much attention as the rest of your outfit.

All or most of us stick to a particular style due to lack of knowledge or because we made the assumption that underwear doesn't quite matter.  Here’s the Bummer Guide to Styles for Women


  • Hipster: These women's underwear are a blend of bikini and boy shorts. They provide an optimum amount of coverage over the hip region and come in a variety of waist lengths ranging from high to low, it's because of their versatility they can be carried comfortably with any type of outfit. They’re also very hard to go wrong with when shopping online, since almost everyone is familiar with this style. What makes Bummer Hipsters different is the Ultra soft seams and wider hip panels that make it a very comfortable fit. It provides a good amount of coverage and goes well even under skinny jeans and leggings.


  • Boy shorts: These women panties offer you the goodness of underwear and shorts at the same time. They give you the maximum amount of leg and butt coverage, which makes it a great option for when you want to ditch the shorts altogether. Whether it’s workouts or lounging, a boy short can do it all. Wear it under dresses, jeans or trousers. Bummer’s Boy Shorts are crafted to give you the most coverage without the bunching or wedgies. For this reason, Boyshorts are one of the most popular styles for women in recent years, so make sure you give this fan favourite a shot


  • Bikini: An undie style that doesn't need much of an introduction. Bikini style undies have been a beloved classic for many years because the best part about this style is its simplicity. It's Minimal and super versatile making it a go-to for a lot of women. Bummer’s Bikini undies give this classic a comfy twist. Bikinis are known for their very thin hip panels, with bummer’s micro modal fabric and soft seams, the thin hip panels don’t cut into the skin or cause impressions making it great to wear even for longer hours.

Still confused about which undies fits your lifestyle? Well the good news is that you have options and that you don’t have to choose just one. Different undies are built for different uses and activities, so instead of picking just one, choose to build a pack or 3 or 5 of unbeatable undies that you can have in your wardrobe. And with Bummer, you can make endless combinations of prints, solids and cuts. So you can find that perfect, life changing undie!

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