The Urge To Change

We believe comfort changes EVERYTHING!

About 4 years ago, we set out on a mission to change the way you feel about your underwear. The way they fit, feel and most importantly your mood when you put them on. To think of it, underwear is the first thing you put on in the morning (unless you’re Superman) and we believe a great day starts with a great pair of undies. It changes everything around you to be saved from the glaring mishap of constantly adjusting your privates in public places.

So we dreamed a big dream!

After spending close to 1 year on R&D, our team at Bummer developed the Softest, Most Sustainable Fabric known to mankind. Cut & Stitch into ultra-lightweight undies (each pair weights less than 60 grams, seriously!) and shipped straight to your pants. With each backing, our dreams only grow and the journey to a truly comfortable inside inches closer.

Adding fun to a ‘white’ industry

At the core of our brand ethos, is the ability to not take underwear too seriously. It’s underwear after all. We wanted to get in your pants and so we did in the most fashionable manner. Bold colors & fun prints are at the center of everything we do. For an industry that has been plagued by whites & greys we wanted to make sure you felt good on the inside as much as you did on the outside.

Comfort for everybooty

We are changing every day, thanks to all the 3L+ bums we have helped cover so far and all your appreciation but more importantly the critical inputs we have received that constantly keep us pushing to our limits to do better, for you, for the planet and of course for our butts. The journey to making better things in a better way is a long one, and we’re just getting started.