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    What are Hipster Panties?

    The Hipster is a perfect combination of 2 underwear styles: bikinis and boy shorts. These hipster briefs are perfect for those who need a full hip coverage, but need their thighs to breathe. Ideal for high waisted jeans & pants, the hipster briefs have a soft leg elastic which keeps the coverage intact as you jump, run, and wiggle all day long.

    Why are they called Hipster Panties?

    Due to the wider sides along with a feature of low-cut leg holes, these hipster briefs offer full rear coverage. Hipster panties got its name because of the absolute comfort and support to the wearer.

    When should you wear Hipster Panties?

    Mostly women chose comfort over style when it comes to picking up their undies. Hipster panties are perfect for everyday use. Women do not need to think of the occasion when it comes to wearing hipster briefs, as we have an extensive range of the same to make you feel cozy all day.

    How are Hipster Panties supposed to fit?

    Hipsters are undeniable and stand apart in their versatility in providing the best of comfort. As the name suggests, hipster panties fit a bit higher above the hips, minimizing the risk of accidentally exposing your underwear.