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    What are Boxers?

    When you opt for comfortableness, then boxers must find their special place in your closet. These are specially designed with proper attention to provide space for ventilation and comfort. Boxers are a go to bottom wear for men. These are known for their simplicity and reliability. 

    Why are they called Boxers?

    Boxers for men have an irreplaceable place in their closet. These are not only appealing but also help in adjusting slight disproportions for those who are on the skinny side. Boxers have got their name from athletic boxers for whom unhindered leg movement ("footwork") is very important. Freedom of movement and comfortability make the boxers the preferred choice. 

    When should you wear Boxers?

    Boxers have a special place in men’s life, especially during their me time. After a hectic day, when someone look to slip in something comfortable, then boxers take the charge. Best known for their simplicity and comfort, boxers are wholesome and reliable, and can be availed in a variety of patterns and colours on Bummer. 

    How are Boxers supposed to fit?

    Boxers are versatile and can be paired with any top wear, but best suited with tees and inner vests. Made with premium fabric, you shouldn’t miss out on the most comfortable boxers range from Bummer.