Your first pair of underwear is covered under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Submit a return request to and include your order number to start the process. 


We'll happily provide a full exchange within 14 days for one single pair of undies from your order, given that the Pair is unused & unwashed. 

Please note: The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee only applies to your first single pair (1) of undies. All other pairs in the order will be available for a size or print exchange only, depending on stock availability. This policy is only acceptable for First Time Customers. For all returning customers, only exchanges are applicable in case of unused, unwashed undies or damaged pairs.

Order a pack or multiple items in your first order?

No problem as long as you try on just one! That first one is yours to try, wear, jump around, do whatever you to see if it's right you and then keep it regardless. We'll grant a full exchange for your first single pair (1) without needing to send it back. For all balance pairs in the order, we would be happy to provide a size exchange as long as they are untried and unwashed. 

For orders with Matching Pairs, both your pairs would be covered under our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (Size/Print Exchange if unused, unwashed or damaged. No refunds shall be applicable) 

Still confused?

Say you ordered a 6-pack, tried on one pair, and realized you need a different size. Keep the one you tried on under our guarantee and reach out to us for an exchange. We'll take back the other five (as long as they are not tried on, worn, or washed) and send six new ones in the size you need. Easy, right?