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    What are Boy Shorts?

    As the name goes, boy shorts are a style of women’s briefs that fit like shorts and provide full coverage up to upper thighs. These boy shorts panties promise better support, better comfort, and better everything. The fabric, used in making these panties, are sourced naturally from Beechwood Trees which ensure softness and comfort.

    Why are they called Boy Shorts?

    Visually identical to a stylized side of men’s underwear, Boyshorts are just like boxers. These are lightweight & breathable and they feel as cozy you’ll never want to take your undies off. And, as the popularity of Boyshorts is gaining, this female version of the boxers became traditionally feminine.

    When should you wear Boy Shorts?

    These stylish panties are meant to fit like a tight pair of shorts: they typically provide full coverage up to the upper thighs, while additionally including the butt. Boyshorts can be a smart choice when you're planning to dress any bodycon bottom, skirts, leggings, and joggers.

    Whether you fancy paddle prints & solid colors, we have a wide range of Boyshorts available. The lengthy fit of Boyshorts makes you feel oh-so-cozy all day long. We can bet that you’ll feel more comfortable in these undies than just about any other style.

    How are Boy Shorts supposed to fit?

    We all do love body-hugging pants, right? But the visible panty lines can be a true ruin of fashion. Boy Shorts come to the rescue in such situations. The ultra-stretchy fabric of Boyshorts ensures body adaptive fit and offer superior breathability. Regardless of whether you need to wear it for yoga or you want to wear it while trekking, these boyshorts will provide better support & better comfort.