Here’s why you should try matching underwear for couples if you haven’t already!

Here’s why you should try matching underwear for couples if you haven’t already!

Do you often find yourself spending hours fretting over what to get as a gift for your sweetheart? If your answer is you don’t, we know you are lying. Or single. No doubt loving someone and being loved back is the most precious feeling in the world, but figuring out what gifts to buy is a quandary that has been a source of misery for couples forever, even when humans lived in caves and had nothing to offer as gifts besides fruits and dead animals.

Matching underwear for couples is the latest hot trend

But gone are the days of having to settle for cheesy matching t-shirts or bracelets. You’ve held hands and gone on dates, have met their family and exchanged rings, or maybe you’ve just met them, whatever the case, getting matching underwear for couples from Bummer is the next step you want to take in your relationship.

It is super fun!

We challenge you to think of a more fun way to convey your love than wearing matching undies. It’s time we declare matching tattoos and matching rings archaic. Matching the bottom half of your undies with your better half is both cool and cute. Hashtag couple goals!

Share an intimate bond

It may sound a bit absurd at first, but what’s more intimate and personal than your undies? There’s a reason it was the very first piece of garment we humans invented. It wouldn’t be possible for us to go about our hectic lives without the comfort and support our undies provide. And being willing to match with your partner is quite a powerful statement of respect and love, not to mention it is fun too.

Social media brownie points

Who doesn’t like sharing adorable couple pics on Instagram? Feel free to show off your matching undies. Declare to the world that you and your partner mean business. And if you’re someone who likes to keep things private, it’s still equally fun and wholesome. Be a power couple that rocks matching undies!

Make it your team uniform

Every team needs a good uniform, or so they say. And what better way to symbolise your love and loyalty than twinning your undergarments. Matching tattoos are a bit on the nose and everyone does matching rings. Matching your undies is a modern, classy and subtle way of expressing your fondness for each other.

No compromises

Bummer’s matching underwear for couples is not your average boring underwear. You can choose from a range of different styles and prints that scream fun and also give you a sense of individuality. The Micromodal fabric we use is one of the softest fabrics known to humankind. You don’t have to compromise on style and comfort. The undies are not just heavenly soft and breathable, but also eco-friendly!

Enrich Your Love

What matters the most in all relationships, at the end of the day, is mutual love, admiration, and respect. Whether you have a partner who is complex and funny, emotional and adorable, or classy and caring, we have something that can represent the underlying love that all couples share. You can carry an intimate reminder of that love with you 24x7. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is beautiful.

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