A Smart Guide to Find the Perfect Boyshorts & Hipster Bikini for Your Body Type

A Smart Guide to Find the Perfect Boyshorts & Hipster Bikini for Your Body Type

In the realm of feel-good fashion, Today we take center stage yet again. This smart guide is here to navigate the world of women's boyshorts and hipster bikinis, helping you decode the perfect fit for your unique body type. From the comfort of boyshorts underwear to the stylish allure of bikini hipster briefs, get ready to discover the secrets to choosing the perfect undergarments. 

What is what? 

Hipster Bikini: The Hipster is a perfect combination of 2 underwear styles: bikinis and boy shorts. These hipster briefs are perfect for those who need full hip coverage but need their thighs to breathe. Ideal for high-waisted jeans & pants, the hipster briefs have a soft leg elastic that keeps the coverage intact as you jump, run, and wiggle all day long. Due to the wider sides along with the feature of low-cut leg holes, these hipster briefs offer full rear coverage. Hipster panties got its name because of the absolute comfort and support to the wearer. 

Boyshorts: As the name goes, boy shorts are a style of women’s briefs that fit like shorts and provide full coverage up to the upper thighs. These boy shorts panties promise better support, better comfort, and better everything. The fabric, used in making these panties, is sourced naturally from Beechwood Trees which ensure softness and comfort. Visually identical to a stylized side of men’s underwear, Boyshorts are just like boxers. These are lightweight & breathable and they feel as cozy as you’ll never want to take your undies off. And, as the popularity of Boyshorts is gaining, this female version of the boxers became traditionally feminine. 

Understanding Your Body Type: 

Choosing the right undergarments starts with understanding your body type. Each woman is beautifully unique, and finding the perfect fit is about accentuating your individual curves and contours. The women's boyshorts and hipster bikinis are designed with diverse body types in mind, ensuring that comfort meets style seamlessly. 

The Allure of Boyshorts: 

  1. For Petite Frames:
    If you have a petite frame, women's boyshorts can be your secret weapon. The low-rise cut and full coverage offer a flattering silhouette without overwhelming your proportions. Opt for bright colors and playful patterns to add a touch of fun to your undergarment collection. 
  1. For Curvier Figures:
    Curvier figures can benefit from boyshorts' ability to provide ample coverage while highlighting your natural curves. Look for styles with shade detailing or bold prints to embrace your curves with confidence. Our collection offers a range of designs that cater to different tastes and preferences. 
  1. For Athletic Builds:
    Athletic builds can flaunt boyshorts effortlessly. The snug fit and short length complement toned legs and offer a sporty, swaying look. Choose solid colors or subtle patterns for a classic appeal, and feel the comfort of boyshorts during your active lifestyle. 

The Appeal of Hipster Bikini Briefs: 

  1. For Hourglass Shapes:
    Hourglass shapes can embrace the hipster bikini briefs' ability to accentuate the natural waistline. The medium-rise cut flatters your curves while offering a comfortable fit. The hipster bikini briefs come in various patterns and colors, allowing you to express your style effortlessly. 
  1. For Apple-Shaped Figures:
    If you have an apple-shaped figure, hipster bikini briefs can provide the right balance. The medium coverage and comfortable waistband offer a secure fit without emphasizing the midsection. Opt for darker shades or subtle prints to create a slimming effect. 
  1.  For Pear-Shaped Silhouettes:
    Pear-shaped silhouettes can benefit from the versatility of bikini hipster brief The lower cut on the hips draws attention away from the hips and thighs. Choose styles with detailing on the waistband or sides to add a touch of flair. Our collection ensures a range of options to suit your style as well.

 To be on team Boyshorts or team Hipster Bikinis: 

  1. Comfort Priority:
    If comfort is your top priority, boyshorts offer a snug fit without compromising on coverage. The seamless transition from the waist to the leg makes them an excellent choice for everyday wear. 
  1. Style Preference:
    Your style preference plays a significant role in choosing between boyshorts and hipster bikinis. Boyshorts exude a playful and youthful vibe, while hipster bikinis offer a balance between modern and classic aesthetics. Consider the looks you love and how they align with your style. 
  1. Occasion Matters:
    The occasion often dictates the choice between boyshorts underwear and hipster bikinis. Boyshorts are perfect for lounging at home or enjoying an active day, while hipster bikinis can seamlessly transition from day to night, making them ideal for various occasions. 

Incorporating Bummer into Your Lifestyle: 

Beyond body types and style preferences, Our boyshorts and bikini hipster briefs are designed to be seamlessly incorporated into your lifestyle. The diverse range of colors, patterns, and fits allows you to express your individuality while reveling in the comfort that defines Our collection. 


Decoding the perfect fit for your body type is an empowering journey, and we are here to make that experience both comfortable and stylish. Whether you lean towards the playful charm of boyshorts or the modern allure of Hipster Panties, Our collection has something for every woman. Elevate your undergarment game, embrace feel-good fashion, and make every day a great day with The perfect women's boyshorts and hipster bikinis because feeling good has never been this smart!

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