Instead of matching rings or necklaces, couples are matching their underwear!

We humans have a tendency to take things for granted. And our undies are definitely one of those things! Your undies don’t get nearly as much respect as they deserve. Imagine having to spend a day without them and you’ll realise how important they are. If you think about it, our undergarments are a very intimate and personal part of our lives. And what better way to strengthen your relationship than wear matching couple undergarments!

A testament to your relationship

There are many reasons why wearing matching couple innerwear as a couple can be super fun. For one, it can help to increase the level of intimacy in your relationship. Wearing matching underwear feels like a secret shared between you and your partner that nobody else knows about. It's a way to symbolize your commitment to each other and to show that you're comfortable enough with each other to let down your guard and be silly together. Additionally, wearing matching underwear can simply be fun!

Little things that matter

wearing matching underwear will undoubtedly increase the level of intimacy in your relationship.

It’s the little things that matter in relationships and It might sound silly, but matching your undies is actually a pretty sweet gesture. Wearing matching underwear shows that you're thinking about your partner and that you care about creating an intimate connection with them. Plus, it's just fun! If you and your partner enjoy feeling connected and close to each other, then why not give matching underwear a try?

A special shared secret

It feels like  It’s a secret shared by just the two of you — a secret shared between you and your partner that nobody else knows about. Wiling to match undies with your partner is the ultimate way to feel closeness to them. Tattoos, rings and necklaces are out of fashion — matching your undies with your partners is the epitome of a token of love. It serves as a constant reminder of your relationship — making you feel closer. You will surely get a kick out of the matching underwear when you are first dating as it gives you something to talk about.

Couple Innerwear – As Comfy As It Gets!

Bummer’s matching couple undergarments are made from the softest fabric known to mankind. The ultra-soft Micro-modal fibers are taken from Beech-wood Trees. And wearing our undies definitely feels like you’re not even wearing anything — it’s that soft! You also get to choose from different styles and prints that look youthful, stylish and super fun!

Symbolise your commitment to each other

It may seem like a small thing, but it will make your commitment to each other legit. It shows that you mean business! It's an outward sign that you're both in this relationship together, and that you're willing to make compromises for each other. Plus, it can be fun picking out new underwear sets together can be a great way to know each other’s tastes and liking.

Not silly, but fun!

Some might see it as cheesy or even a little bit lame, but we think it’s actually pretty darn cute. Sure, it might seem like a small thing, but wearing matching couple innerwear just shows that you and your partner are serious about the relationship and are ready to commit. Plus, it’s just fun! Who doesn’t love feeling like they’re part of a secret club with their significant other? It is just one way to add a little bit of excitement and playfulness to your relationship.


Simply put, wearing matching underwear can be fun and it adds a little bit of excitement and playfulness to your relationship. Plus, it can be a great conversation starter if you're ever in a situation where you need to break the ice. Whether you're going on an important date, celebrating a special event together — or just want to add a little bit of excitement and playfulness to your relationship — matching your underwear is always a good idea.

If you want to add matching couple innerwear to your wardrobe, look no further! Check out Bummer’s awesome collection of matching undies. Super comfy, stylish and colourful — and there are so many prints you can choose from!

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