What’s your Size? A Guide to Choose the Right Size Underwear

What’s your Size? A Guide to Choose the Right Size Underwear

In today’s e-shopping era, we are reluctant to go out and shop whether it is grocery or clothes or any other thing. The greatest challenge is shopping underwear online, one may end up buying either too large or too tight of the garment. To avoid the hassles of incorrect sizes and get a perfect one, you must be aware of the correct size of your piece of clothing. Bummer will help you to understand how to take the measurements, understand them and interpret them too, so that when you buy you can have the perfect fit and lead your life to the fullest.

Taking the measurement

Measuring the size go hand in hand for both a man and a woman. For guys, you can take a measuring tape at home and measure yourself, else you can go to a men’s tailor for the job.

Whether you are interested in boxers, brief, or a jock strap, all you have to do is take the measurements of the waistline properly, then only you will be able to select the correct size. To measure the waist, wrap the measuring tape around your waist. Where you’d like the band of the underwear to sit. Don’t wrap the tape too tight around the waist, keep a finger’s space between the tape and the skin, as it is comparatively easy to move in a slight loose underwear. Tight undies can cause rashes, irritation and a bloated tummy. Also, while taking the measurements, don’t hold your breath in, keep your shoulders relaxed and stand straight, keeping your abdomen natural. Don’t bend your muscles and try to breathe naturally. And definitely, please do not contract your abs in order to look slim. These are the common mistakes we do while measuring the waistline. We advise you to measure the hip circumference because it corresponds to the widest point in contrast to the waistline which is the narrowest point.

On the other hand, for a woman, everything depends on her choice and also her body type. Too tight will offer unflattering bulges and lumps, and too loose will bunch up or start to ride up as you move. To avoid the confusion between your waist measurement and hip measurement, follow this simple rule. Your waist measurement is the thinnest point of the waist below the ribs. The area is just above or below the belly button, whereas your hip measurement is the widest point of the pelvis, at the level of buttocks.

Though it’s imperative to know the size, there isn’t any guarantee. Sometimes, the sizes differ from one model to another. To determine the best fit panty size for yourself, Bummer recommends to go through the size guide at the bottom of each product sheet before ordering.

Final Say

Everybody has its own body type and physique as compared to others. Same goes with your size too. You may have a bigger upper body and slender legs or vice versa and it’s obvious that you feel let down when you find underwear a bit off the mark. Not finding the right underwear size is more common than you think. But Bummer has changed all with its underwear size chart.

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