5 Common Underwear Struggles Every Man can relate to!

Have you ever felt miserable because you feel trapped and hella scratchy down under ? Of course many or all of us have faced this situation once or more in our life. And it’s  all thanks to the wrong underpants, for making it a nightmare to work out or do any physically strenuous activity. Good underwear can make you feel comfy, while a bad one can really ruin your whole day.

 We are going to discuss the most common men's underwear struggles and how to fight with them.

Suffocating Feeling

Underwear sticking to the skin is the one of the most common problems men face, especially in summers and monsoons. This happens solely because of fabrics that aren't adapted for Indian weather conditions. Bummer undies are crafted keeping in mind that an undie’s fabric needs to be quick drying, and breathable. So, whenever you are picking a pair of undies, consider the weather and versatility of the fabric.


Getting the wrong size of underwear will leave you feeling uncomfortable in all kinds of ways. Tight underwear makes you sweaty and with the decrease in breathability, skin rashes and redness are bound to pop up. In case you choose a loose size, you’ll have to deal with the constant worry of your underpants moving around under your clothes. Pick a size that is perfect for you, by measuring your waist and hips. Bummer’s sizes and cuts are crafted to give you a tailored feel to avoid any adjustments and fitting issues.

Waistband distress

 A tight waistband can leave visible marks and sometimes painful impressions on the skin. Ditch undies that cut into the skin and leave you feeling restricted. Swap them out for super soft seams and a waistband that is a bit wider and softer.

Persistent adjustment

Continuous adjustment down there for men is a common affair. It never looks cool; in fact, it puts you in an awkward position whenever you have to adjust your underpants. Wedgies are a common reason for this and it’s caused by fitting issues. Try getting a new pair of bummer trunks underwear to get rid of continual adjustment. Our trunks are short on the leg panels, and feature minimal design with a generous pouch for all day comfort.


Itchy and scratchy

We all know that personal hygiene is super important, but did you know that your undies play a big factor here? Bad Fabrics and styles can not just cause discomfort but prolonged use can cause some long term effects on your well being down there. Always try to change your underwear after one use. Doing this will help you ditch health problems like skin infections and allergies, sores, itchiness, and even urinary tract infections.

The above mentioned are some of the most common underwear problems men face that need to be fixed right away! Replace the bad with Bummer

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