5 Reasons Why Men Might Regret Going Commando

5 Reasons Why Men Might Regret Going Commando

The concept of going commando came about when military personnel ditched underwears before going into war. But freeballing is nothing like going into battle. It’s probably worse.

Ditching your undies may seem like a good idea, but it probably won’t once you’re through with this post.

There are several reasons and then some as to why you shouldn’t go commando


1. Skin Chafing

Friction, the most painful 8th grade physics concept to experience down there.
Skin chafing occurs due to skin rubbing against skin or rough clothing, leading to rashes and redness and it can even make walking a pain in the balls. (get it?)

Materials like jeans can be especially hard on your parts without a wall between the most sensitive area and rough materials.

While cotton underwears may have disappointed you, underwears made out of premium material such as micromodal can make this experience a breeze.



 2. Hygiene Takes A Back Seat 

The inevitable sweating and the warm and humid climate in your pants can make it a breeding ground and go to party place for bacteria and other fungal growth, leading to the dreaded jock itch also known as tinea cruris and can also cause painful blisters.

Breathable underwears absorb the sweat, keeping you dry and leaving lesser bacteria for you to worry about while also not making it stuffy.
Trust us, you don't want THIS party in your pants.


 3. Peek A Boo 

Without an underwear to cover your goods, the classic case of “your fly is open” may not go down too well. Imagine the horror, if your crush points that out to you.
They might just have seen too much. Or too little.




Remember that pair of favourite jeans that you wear for weeks without washing? Well, without underwear, that’s not happening.

 Pants only get dirtier through the day without underwears to absorb the sweat and grime. And you also risk destroying your best pants by constant washes that wear them down.

More underwear = longer time you can go without laundry. 


 5. No Support

Freeballing may sound pleasant till you realise and start missing the support and protection your beloved briefs offered you.

The good news is you don't have to bargain with comfort. With the correct underwear, that's not only soft but also stretchable your precious goods will definitely be feeling light and supported.



And if these reasons aren’t enough, there's always the looming fear of No More Spontaneous Beach Plans???

Imagine you and your mates make a sudden beach plan and while they all strip to their undies to get in the sea, you’ve to sit out and just wish you hadn’t hopped on to the commando trend.

With the trend being picked on to escape the horror of tighty whities, in the 21st century when there are sunglasses for dogs (really?) there’s no reason your underwear can’t keep up with you.

All the reasons you would want to go commando, mainly being comfort, reducing sweat and better sperm production can be solved by the correct breathable and soft undie without any sacrifices on your end.

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