5 Reasons Why Women Might Regret Going Commando

5 Reasons Why Women Might Regret Going Commando

From Britney to Lindsey’s jaw dropping appearances in the 2000’s, going commando although seeming odd then, is a trend that’s definitely getting picked up by women more and more nowadays.

While every woman has a different reason to go commando like getting rid of the dreaded panty lines or just occasionally giving your lady parts a breather, frequently ditching your panties could have negative effects which can end up affecting your vaginal health.


Here’s 5 reasons you shouldn’t be leaving your panties at home -


 1. Your skin down there wont thank you for it

Skin irritation is bound to occur once the protective layer of the underwear is done away with. With nothing acting as a barrier the constant and direct contact of the outer material with your lady parts may even result in skin damage.
Skin chafing is redness and rashes and is probably one of the most painful things to experience down there. Synthetic or rough material such as denim that continuously rubs against the vagina can irritate or even create small cuts on the outer labia.
Oh yes it can get worse. Prolonged contact with a rough material can lead to friction blisters, and although they’re easy to handle on your feet, that definitely won’t be the case here.


 2. Aunt Flows visits will be more unwelcome than they usually are

“My period comes on the predicted date every month” - said no woman ever. 


Every woman has had their period pay them a surprise visit a few days before, more than once.  

Wearing an underwear provides an extra layer of protection and although we may hate to stain our favourite underwears, it's better than not having anything on at all.



3. You run a higher risk of infection

Vaginitis, Yeast infections and UTIs are some of the infections caused when bacteria breeds in a moist environment in the absence of a breathable and antimicrobial underwear

Stuffy, non breathable materials like nylon, polyester and lycra don’t let your privates breathe, when that may just be the reason you're skipping your underwear - to let it breathe.

Unfortunately these materials are used in several daily clothing items and without a protective layer in between, there's absolutely no shielding from these nasty materials leading to infections.


 4. You’ll have to add MORE laundry to your to-do list

If you’re going commando because you hate doing laundry, think again.

Not wearing an underwear means your clothes are now directly exposed to the sweat and stink that your underwear absorbs otherwise, leading to clothes getting dirtier more often. 

While jeans will survive the frequent washes longer, the more delicate materials will gradually wear down with the increase in water and detergent use.



5. Your clothes will be getting stained

Vaginal discharge, although completely normal, will now be directly staining your clothes without an underwear in the middle, giving you a whole new mess to take care of. Light colored clothing will reflect the stains more noticeably. 

When you’re already blessed with the foresight of this happening, it's a good idea to choose an underwear of a moisture wicking material such as micromodal so that you can kick back and relax and let your undie do the work.



Going commando is a strong personal choice, but you have to be well prepared to handle all the downsides that come with it. 

But if you're ditching your undies just because you haven't found one good enough for you, then a soft breathable underwear will be the right choice, making sure you never look back at the panty-less life!


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