5 Things to Remember When Buying Your Next Pair of Underwear

5 Things to Remember When Buying Your Next Pair of Underwear

Buying undies is quite a mundane task and it doesn't even come naturally. Most people still wear underwear picked out by their moms.

Underwear is an essential but it's mostly unspoken of, piled up in your drawer only to be opened every morning drearily, forget planning a shopping trip about it. 

But if by divine coincidence you do find yourself in the underwear aisle when you're out shopping, you pick a pack with survival instincts and most times you don’t even touch what you're gonna be wearing. 

Ever heard of the saying “A great day depends on a great undie” ?

No? Okay maybe because we just made it up. But it's true!

Feeling good on the inside does do wonders for your mood through the day and makes you feel so much more attractive!

Here are things you should remember while buying your next pair of underwear 


1. Choosing the right material 

You should know what goes on your butt while choosing an underwear. It's a must to check what material your undies are made of. 

Unbreathable, synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, spandex can get scratchy and don't let sweat evaporate from your skin, leaving moisture trapped inside which inevitably leads to fungal and bacterial growth and is a big NO NO. 

Breathable and moisture wicking fabrics like micromodal are soft and make sure you're set to not sweat.



One of the worst things that can happen to us is the apocalypse and too small underwear. It's like a wedgie, only a perpetual one.

Improperly fitted undies can cause excessive friction in highly sensitive areas which is thoroughly unwelcome. It's important to know your measurements before you buy one as the standard sizing for each type changes.


3. The waistband and elasticity

The sign of a good nap is marked on your arm and the sign of a bad underwear is marked on your waist. 

It's important to check the comfort of the waist band because it literally holds things together. Elastic bands can be constraining, body marking and in general very irritable. A too tight band causes redness, itchiness. 

A free cut microfiber is a good idea, to keep you from feeling like somethings digging in your skin all day.




4. An underwear for each occasion

There are a number of types of underwear - bikinis, boxers, briefs, boyshorts, hipsters, trunks etc. We’re so spoilt for choice that most of us just ignore it and buy the same one to be worn on every outfit. 

But the truth is each type has its own purpose and will only go to make your underwear experience more comfortable depending on your activity. So it's a good idea to have each type at your beck and call.



5. Let it reflect your personality

Gone are the days when undies were meant to be unseen and presented to us only in boring colors like black, grey or white. 

Just like your clothes reflect your personality, let your underwear too! We now have plenty of exciting prints and solids and we guarantee you wearing them will change your day for the better.


The bottom line is to make sure comfort stays the first priority, but we also should be conscious of the effect that the product has on the environment. Sustainable and eco friendly products take the load off the environment and in turn, you.

Now that you’re done with our list, time for a underwear drawer refresh?

Let us know in the comments if this list helped you choose your perfect fit!

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