An Athlete's Guide: The Best Underwear for Men

Athletes undergo rigorous training sessions to keep themselves fit and ahead in the game. The most underrated or ignored thing most athletes do, is forgetting underwear and went commando at their work out sessions. Going commando and remain free balling is one of the worst choices’ athletes make. Ditching the undies may seem like dreaming about the other world, but this is not true. You need the right underpants that feels great on normal days or even during the workouts. Finding out the correct pair is quite a debatable question and a person may find ‘n’ number of suggestions and recommendations, but by keeping a few things in mind can help one in selecting the best suited.


The pair should provide you utmost comfortability. The fabric must be breathable and should not get worn away by rubbing or friction caused while working out. Resulting in chafing and redness among your twins, which will leave you scratching all day long.


Perfect fit should be at the priority and it is one of the essential factors to consider while selecting workout underwear. No one would like their private parts bouncing and hanging around while working out, as it is not at all comfortable and also there is a fear of wardrobe malfunction. Obviously, no one wants to accidentally flash the poor guys at the gym. The best underwear is the one that provides faultless support without being tight to keep things steady underneath all that heavy storm.

Quick Drying

Sweating in gyms is quite normal, but sometimes this leads to the most discomforting experience, as the bad odour and dripping sweat from private parts makes it difficult to lift, run or performing other activities. To deal with the same, the best underwear for men should be made of moisture-wicking fabrics that are synthetic, incorporated with materials like elastic and plastic.


One of the major issues faced by guys is heat, lots of underwear fabrics trap heat, causing major damage to the private parts. Researches show that too much exposure to heat reduces fertility and can cause testicular cancer. Hence, it is necessary for them to wear the underwear that release heat instead of trapping it. Breathable fabrics are a major resort as they not only repel heat, but also helps in relieving bad odour.


Choosing right fibre is in a way choosing right underwear for you. There are many options of natural as well as synthetic fibres. But the fabric must be breathable, moisture wicking, and should provide a comfortable fit. Natural fibre like Nylon is among the most popular fibre used to make athletic apparels, but because it is obtained from coal and petroleum it is facing competition from more eco-conscious fibres. One popularly emerging fibre is bamboo, it is an eco-friendly and sustainable option as compared to the synthetic ones. It has naturally quick drying and anti-bacterial properties with 24 hours of freshness boost.

Summing up, when opting underwear for workouts one must lookout for moisture-wicking material. These will give you the features what cotton briefs won’t. Wick moisture fabric let breathe your twins and compliment your workout bottom.

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