Best Men’s Underwear to buy according to your Body Type

Hey Guys! Confused about what styles are the best for you? Shopping online can be tough, we get it. Here’s your guide to Bummer’s Style Range

Whether you’re into briefs, boxers, or trunks we’ve got it all

Your underwear should be the last thing in your closet you should worry about. Getting the right cut as per your outfit, schedule, and body type means you’ll stay comfortable the entire day.

This is the closest layer of clothing that sits closest to your skin and if doesn’t fit right, it’s time to change. There are additionally obvious indicators that you may be wearing some wrong size. If the leg bands dig into your thighs, you’re probably wearing a size too small. If your waistband keeps slipping every time you bend over, you're either wearing a size too big or the elastic has failed.

 Find the perfect underwear category for you:

  1. Boxers-

Boxers are loose cut, elasticated, and are a no-brainer style for all kinds of body types. This style's breathability implies they are the most ideal decision for sleepwear, loungewear, or when you don’t feel like wearing pants

      2. Trunks

Arguably, it is the most versatile style out there: not as revealing as briefs but offers all the support with added thigh panels. Trunks for the most part hit the upper thigh, protecting you from chafing, great for those with larger thighs. This also makes it a great style for men who are into sports and frequently engage in psychical activities as trunks allow for proper movement and also offer coverage

    3. Briefs-

Briefs are as simple as they come. It’s a style that gives minimal coverage and allows for a lot of movement. Briefs are more of a traditional style that has been worn for decades, and for good reason. Along with the full range of movement, they’re quite supportive and go well with all kinds of fitted trousers. 

Our three style categories cover a wide range of body types, preferences, and usages. So you not only have a selection of prints & solids, but also awesome undie styles that truly fit you and all your needs.  Feel free to reach out to Bummer if you have any questions about what style you should get

Happy Shopping!

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