Getting back into shape before you get back to the Office

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives in many ways, from washing our hands frequently, to maintaining an unusually high level of hygiene and not going out of the house unless it’s absolutely necessary. The Pandemic has brought a lot of changes in how we do things. Being confined to our homes and rooms has left us feeling trapped and lethargic, with physical activities having been restricted to the four walls of home only.

But there’s a light at the end of this tunnel, restrictions all over the world are slowly being lifted and people are now venturing out of their homes as offices and schools begin to resume. If you’re excited to shake off that lockdown funk and get moving, there’s nothing like a good workout to get you feeling better not only physically but also mentally. Here’s how you can get started!

Be a SMART goal setter

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Your workout goals should be SMART, don’t jump ahead first rather start slow. Remember to be kind to yourself and write down reasonable goals, so that you can check back and record your progress

Don’t Stick to your desk

Everyone knows that too much sitting in one place is not good for health, so take some short breaks from your work and do a simple workout like a 5 or 10-minute walk during your lunch break, or walking when while you’re having a call with a co-worker or just getting up and doing stretches after every half an hour. Bummer underwear is specially designed to be soft and stretchy, perfect for those mid work stretches

Avoid shortcuts

Avoid shortcuts for a healthy self, taking a staircase instead of an elevator, or walking up to a nearby grocery store, or parking your car a little bit farther, these small steps can lead to big results. Increasing your daily step count can generate massive results without taking much effort.

Fix your exercising routine

When you start planning your week, plan for your workout too. By doing this you won’t jeopardize your work or workouts. Start with two to three days a week, so that you can be flexible as well as regular with your routine. This is the best tip for those who are determined to get fit, but lack of time management is a major deterrent.

Fuel up

To be active, you need to eat a balanced diet and drink a lot of fluids. This will keep you physically and mentally fit for all the cumbersome activities throughout the day. Eating carbs, proteins, healthy fats, and water in proportion to your body weight will keep you full and energetic.

Snacking and workout

Fix three snacks a day and then stick your workout routines around that. Try to hit a two-minute round of jumping jacks, burpees, squats, push-ups, plank, lunges, or all. Time your routine just before your snack and perform your best.

Find a workout buddy

Partners always make your life complete. It’s a wise decision to choose your workout buddy diligently. Be it your spouse, friend, co-worker or a friend next door, they should be motivating and full of zeal. They should be one who encourages you on the most mundane days and match you on the energetic ones.

Make the most of today

Stop procrastinating, start today. Don’t leave things for tomorrow or the next week or month, trust us those plans will never work. Learn to prioritize your health too along with your work. Start today with your short but steady workouts and see the difference.

Buy some workout outfits

To get some inspiration get yourself a nice pair of track pants and complimenting sports tee and not to mention the most versatile and comfy workout underwear for men and women by Bummer, they would add to your zeal to head straight to your workout schedule.

Turn your hobby into exercise

Figure out how you can turn your hobbies into exercise, if you love to dance, you can learn salsa or aerobics. If you love going out, you can go for a stroll in a park or on your terrace, it would give you a healthy “me time”. If you love swimming, you can join a gym with a pool, in this way you can turn your hobbies to make you fit.

Try these simple, yet powerful techniques and see the difference. Remember one thing, Slow, but Steady Wins the Race. Don’t get disappointed within a week a month, good things take time. So, have patience and keep working out to a fitter you.


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