Life is short so give it a Boy Short

Why should Boys have all the fun?

Women’s underwear has come a long way from bloomers to corsets, to styles we know and love. However, some unfavourable features have stayed on, like uncomfortable lace and suffocating fabrics that have almost no functionality. These days, with the revolution in conscious innerwear Boy shorts have become all the rage. Boy shorts for women have the coverage, support and sleek look that women have been looking for all these years

Why the name Boy shorts?

Boy shorts got its name from a traditionally ‘male’ attributed underwear style: the boxer short. As the style evolved and the society progressed, boy shorts became more feminine. They’re designed keeping in mind a women’s femininity and uses for innerwear. Boy shorts got popular in the late 1990s among young girls but quickly spread to the wider population. In today’s world, one of the most recognised yet fashionable lingerie is boy shorts.

Boy shorts provide full-coverage to the buttocks without looking too bulky. They also feature waistlines from low, mid to high. Their leg openings are extended a few inches above the mid-thigh, to prevent chafing and keep you at ease all day long.

Why do you need boy shorts?

  • Relief from thigh friction - Boy shorts to the rescue, if you sweat a lot during hot and humid weather. The longer leg openings of these shorts help avoid rubbing and chafing, which in turn prevents thigh rash.


  • Additional coverage – You can move around in your house without compromising on modesty by wearing boy shorts, as these provide extra coverage and shape to your bottom.
  • Utmost comfort – Being comfortable is what every wearer wants. Boy shorts are regarded as one of the most comfortable panty styles, thanks to the adequate bum coverage, long leg openings, and soft fabric.
  • Really smooth – Wondering what could this style even better? It’s Bummer’s premium Micro-modal fabric that’s derived from natural Beachwood fibres, resulting in supremely silky-smooth pair of undies.
  • No Muffin tops or Panty lines: Boy shorts have very wide hip coverage and don’t cut into your skin or cut across your butt. They sit perfectly well under trousers and slim fit jeans, so you’re free to wear what your heart desires.

Whatever your lifestyle and preference, we’re sure you’ll find something to love about Boy shorts. There’s a reason it’s one of the most comfortable underwear styles of all time. Find your reason to fall in love with Boy shorts today on






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