Matching underwear for a Match made in Heaven!

Love is unconditional and the most precious feeling in this world, every soul needs love and to be loved is the best part. Partners choose different ways of expressing their love for their significant others, like getting a tattoo or crafting monogram jewelry. However, for all those variety-seeking couples out there, Bummer has got something unique. A super fun way to surprise your partner is by gifting them matching undies. Yes, you read it right, matching underwear for couples, some may find it absurd but don’t knock it until you try it!

Team Up

Every strong team needs a uniform to show unity. How about a uniform you can share with your significant other (S.O)? Matching tattoos, rings and outfits are things of the past. Matching undies are both unique and cool, they’re also a great way to score brownie points with your partner 

Subtle and Classy

We’ve all seen the cringeworthy ‘ Her king’ and ‘His queen’ matching T-shirts some couples wear to the mall. While professing your love is adorable, there are certain dos and don’ts! You can secretly match your partner without garnering weird stares and keep it personal to just you two.

A Power Suit

Matching with your S.O is like giving yourself a confidence boost. Even if you aren’t working as a team, the feeling that your partner has got your back no matter what is an encouraging reminder to get through any tough day.

Strengthen Your Connection

Couples choose unique ways to remember their S.O when they part for work or something urgent, some opt for tattoos, while others choose other subtle reminders, but knowing that your better half is wearing matching undies can be a sweet reminder for both. 

Make a Statement

Gifting matching undies is the latest trend and showing them off on social media can surely make you the talk of the town. However, if you want to confine your love to the four walls of your home and heart, you can still choose to keep it private.

No Need to Compromise

Be a power couple that synchronizes outfits! The best part about matching undies is that you can choose your individual preferences for styles before you select the matching undies. So even though you’re matching with your partner, you have a sense of individuality and don’t need to compromise on comfort.

Matching undies aren’t just matching prints, but also a unique connection, unlike any other, with your bae. You can gift them a pair of undies to showcase your loving bond and of course not to mention the unparalleled comfort with fun and exciting prints 

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