Matching Underwear for Couples: Find out what kind of couple you are!

Matching Underwear for Couples: Find out what kind of couple you are!

Well, love is a peculiar thing. You never know who you’re going to fall for. People who belong to two completely opposite ends of a spectrum – with nothing in common – could still fall in love. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is beautiful. It’s really fascinating when you think about it. We at Bummer love celebrating love. All love stories are beautiful of course, but who doesn’t like some extra spice? And that’s exactly what our couple underwear sets can add to your life.

Matching Underwear for couples for all kinds of love birds

What kind of couple are you? Whatever the answer, we have something for every couple!


The unbreakable pair

1. The unbreakable pair

We all feel a pinch of jealousy every now and then encountering a pair that seems to be one single entity. They move together, eat together, travel together – one simply can not go anywhere without the other. If you’re one of those inseparable pairs, always together everywhere, and are still not matching your undies, can you really even claim to love each other?


The Conflicted Pair

2. The Conflicted Pair

It’s impossible to understand what goes on with these couples. They seem to be fighting and then make up immediately as if nothing happened. One second they are all lovey-dovey, and then at each other’s throats the very next second. But it’s always a wise decision not to interfere with their affairs though, because they’ve always got each other’s back. And Bummer’s range of matching underwear for couples was created to symbolise exactly that – vibrant, chaotic love.


The dramatic pair

3. The dramatic pair

We Indians need a bit of drama every now and then to survive. We need it and are proud of it. We all know at least one overly dramatic couple –  their lives are their very own Bollywood movies, every argument, every gesture of affection, every celebration, everything about them has to be super intense and full of drama.  But can you really claim to be living in your own Bollywood rom-com if you and your partner are not sporting matching undies?


The Power Couple

4. The Power Couple

Some couples radiate authority. You can tell they mean business just by looking at them. We at Bummer believe every Indian couple is a power couple. The young generation is ambitious and not afraid of having fun and expressing themselves. Our range of matching underwear for couples symbolises exactly that. Whether you’re at the gym, college, office or at the park – sporting our matching undies will make you feel like a true power couple.


The Long Distance Couple

5. The Long Distance Couple

Maybe you two met in college and are now working in different states, or maybe you’re home and your partner lives away for work, or maybe you only met online and have yet to meet in person – whatever the case, it’s not easy to make a long distance relationship work. Our immense respect if you’re managing that. And what better way to have a constant reminder of your partner with you 24 x 7 than to wear matching undies. You can share an intimate bond with your partner even if they’re miles away!


The Office Couple

6. The Office Couple

Are you the office love birds? The professional setting of a workplace is not exactly an ideal place for couples. Even if you’re just talking, you run the risk of people questioning your work ethic, calling you unprofessional. Matching tattoos or matching rings are for rookies – if you want to be a modern office power couple, sport our matching undies and share a constant reminder of your love for each other.


The Adventurous Pair

7. The Adventurous Pair

Who doesn’t like a bit of adventure in their life? Nothing can create magical moments the way travelling with your partner does. If you like going on adventures and road trips, exploring new cities and countries, and the whole wide world, do it in style. The Micromodal® fabric we use for our undies happens to be the most comfortable fabric available to humans. Nothing can make your voyages more comfortable than Bummer’s range of matching underwear for couples. Leave your mark on the world with style and comfort!

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