Reasons to add couple underwear sets to your wardrobe

Reasons to add couple underwear sets to your wardrobe

Do you often come across one of those ever so happy couples and wonder what exactly could be the source of their eternal, undying, unwavering and borderline annoying love for each other? Do you also want your relationship to be a fairytale that could give Bollywood love stories and cheesy rom coms from the 90s a run for their money? Do you find yourself wanting to spice up your relationship without having to resort to annoying matching t-shirts?

Our couple underwear sets can save you

I think we have cracked the code to solve all your relationship problems. Ok, that may not be entirely true, but we definitely have something that can make your wardrobe and your relationship a hundred times more exciting. While getting couple underwear sets might not be the ultimate solution to all your couple quarrels, here’s why you can not miss adding them to your wardrobe!

Subtlety is the soul of swag

That’s an actual quote by Shakespeare. Ok, it’s not, but matching tattoos and t-shirts feel a bit on the nose, and you'll find every other couple wearing matching rings or bracelets. Matching your undies is the perfect middle ground. It’s subtle, modern and classy. Not to mention, it feels more personal and intimate.

It’s super fun

Our couple underwear sets are not your average fifty shades of black and white boring underwear. We have so many different styles and prints to choose from, you’ll be able to feel a sense of individuality sporting them. Not to mention, you will be able to match the undies with your outfits if you try.

Softer than a baby’s feet

Bummer’s MicroModal fibres derived from Beechwood Trees produce one of the softest fabrics ever created. It’s so comfortable, it’s criminal. Super light-weight and breathable, our undies make you feel like you’re not wearing anything at all. It’s time you and your partner bid farewell to your uncomfortable vanilla underwear and welcome our undies with their heavenly comfort in your wardrobe.

Power couples match their underwear

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be social media famous and what better way to earn Instagram brownie points than sharing adorable couple pics! Make a statement by being the couple that sports matching undies. And if you are not a social media person and like to keep things private, it’s still super-cute and romantic!

A bond stronger than blood

We humans don't give our underwear nearly as much credit as they deserve. Consider what would happen if Thanos wiped out all of this planet's undies. Now, that is what you call a catastrophe. We wouldn’t be able to go about our lives without them. The point is, if you think about it, being willing to match your undies with someone is a powerful demonstration of your love and respect for them. 

Match your style, Match your vibe

You and your partner might wind up living together in the future if you aren't already. Think of matching your undies as a test run. Try to figure out their preferences and find a common ground for both of you in your relationship. If you’re new in a relationship, this could help you strengthen your bond like nothing else.

If nothing else, our couple underwear sets let you and your partner carry with you a reminder of your love and respect for each other 24x7. A token of love that screams you are mine and I am yours. If that’s not enough of a reason to add them to your wardrobe, then we don’t know what is!

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