The Right Type of Care for Your Underwear

It’s a fact that men are clumsy and somewhat carefree. when it comes to underwear for men, apart from wearing it, changing it, washing it and then repeating the same process, there is actually more than what most men know. Think of how a brand-new underwear fits, its colours are bright, the elastic is taut and the fabric is soft. But after a few washes, you find that the colours fade, the elastic droops and the fabric becomes saggy. This is caused when people miss out on taking a few small but important steps to care for their innerwear.

Most men disregard the underwear washing instructions printed, blaming busy schedules, resulting in compromising on underwear care, but investing a few extra minutes could do wonders. For this, we’ve come up with some basic tips, following these will insure that everything you love about your undie stays the way it is.

  • Avoid hot drying – Try avoiding the usage of a home dryer, as it generally generates heat up to 180°F, making the inside a literal oven. This ends up taking the stretch out of the soft elastic waistband and expanding the seams to its maximum. This results in saggy fabric and loose waistbands.
  • Make less use of fabric softener – Softening agents are like a nightmare for Natural Fiber based fabrics like MicroModal. It creates havoc on the knit and leaves a film of  residue on the surface giving it the illusion of softness without actually helping clean the fabric.  Micromodal is already inherently soft, so there isn’t any need for this extra step.
  • Avoid direct sunlight – Direct exposure or direct sunlight for long hours can cause your vibrant and brightly colored undies to fade. Instead, try air drying your underwear in a well ventilated, yet slightly shaded area. This allows Micromodal’s Quick drying properties to take action with a little aid from the Sun.
  • Try handwashing the underwear – Always try to hand wash your underwear, as doing this will add to its longevity. If hand washing your underwear is too time consuming, consider machine washing your undies separately from other pieces of clothing that are heavy. For e.g. denim jeans, Jackets and clothes with zips may pull and tug on your undie’s light fabric while in the washing machine 


  • Type of detergent – We generally don’t pay heed to this, but it is extremely important. The usual detergents we use could be harsh on your favourites, resulting in breaking the fibres very quickly and tearing Try using mild detergents which will keep your underwear in perfect shape and smell amazing.

The above mentioned are some of the basic yet imperative tips for underwear care. Following these will definitely add extra life to your undies. We at Bummer are committed to provide ultra-soft men’s underwear online in a wide gamut of prints and designs that you will love!

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