Top innerwear styles with color block high waisted bikinis and women's hipster bikini bottoms

The summer season is upon us, and we can't wait to hit the beach! Refreshing cocktails, lazy afternoons, and of course- bikinis. 

Women's undies are so versatile. There is one for everyone. You have your classic two-piece, color block high waist bikini, low waist, printed asymmetrical, women's hipster bikini bottoms, mini skirts, etc. They come in so many designs and styles that you can own hundreds of these, but there will still be one more you would want to buy. We get it; been there, done that. Bummer offers a great range of women's underwear that can be worn in many ways. You can style them as beach wear or lounge wear. 

Today we will focus on two particular styles- bikini and hipster.

The Classic Bikini

Classic underwear, or the 'cheeky underwear,' as it is famously called, is still the top choice in women's underwear. Despite the market brimming with new styles, it is still a go-to for many women. And why not? It is comfortable and sexy. It offers a high cut on the sides and minimal coverage on the front. It is usually low rise, and the waistband can be anywhere from one to three inches below the navel. 

Now, there are bikinis in more styles than ever. Apart from the low rise, they also come in high-waisted options. They can be worn with anything, like a dress or a pair of jeans, or without any. As an undie, it comes in lace which is the sexiest lingerie there is. There is also cotton and polyester for daily use. 

If it is beach wear you are hunting for, color block high waisted bikinis are quite the rage right now. The bold colors, seamless design, and unique styles make it a top choice for women who want to show their adventurous side. Many curvy beauties prefer this style over the skimpy two-pieces. It offers appropriate coverage and looks fantastic!


People tend to think that hipster bottoms for women are only good for comfort. They are not wrong about the comfort part, but they offer much more than just a comfy fit. They come in great styles too. From lace to stain, a hipster's bottom comes in all the standard underwear fabrics. Women's hipster bikini bottoms have garnered quite a reputation for being the best choice for beach costumes. ! They are high rise, offer cover more but cheeks, and come in these unique colors and prints. They offer style, comfort, and coverage- what's not to like

Bikini vs. Hipster 

It is easy to confuse these two due to their seemingly marginal difference. While both these styles offer excellent comfort and style, a few key differences set them apart. 

Coverage- A bikini bottom has less range than what hipster panties offer. Hipsters are covered in the front as well as the back. 

Rise- Bikinis are usually low-rise, and hipster bottoms are high-waisted. However, nowadays, both these styles come in many waist options. 

More fabric- since hipster panties offer more coverage in the front, back, and sides, they have more fabric to flaunt your favorite printer pattern style.

How to choose your perfect style? 

It is not easy to choose the perfect style for you with so many options in the market. However, you can keep a few things in mind while shopping for your perfect pair of undies. 

  • Comfort- Underwear is the first thing you wear in the morning (or the only thing if you are lounging by a pool) and the last you take off. Make sure to select a pair that is comfortable for you. It should suit your body type and activity.
  • Style- Even if it is not always visible to others, your undies are a testament to your style. What you wear reflects your personality. Whether you wear bold colors and patterns or subtle hues, select a type that reflects who you are as an individual.
  • Functionality- The kind of clothes you wear should be occasion-appropriate. They should assist you, not block you. For example, if you are going to a sporty event, choose underwear that gives you firm support and breathability. If you go to the beach, pick a style that provides movement without a wardrobe malfunction.
  • Fabric- Fabric plays a significant role in the choice of an undie. If it is made from low-quality or the wrong kind of fabric, it can cause irritability and itching. Choose calm and breathable materials that allow passage of air and free movement.

Bummer Undies

Bummer has a massive collection of women's underwear. Do you like pastel colors, or do you like cheetah print? Let your crazy out with our printed collection.

You will find your pick in this myriad of colors, patterns, and prints. Get styles for lounge wear, beach wear, or daily wear. You have a choice for every occasion.

Made from organically sourced micro modal fabric, they are softer-than-butter, and you would feel like you are sitting on a cloud (nine!). And this fabric is environmentally friendly since it uses less water and produces less waste. Good for you and the planet, score! 

Bummer brings together comfort and style in the best way possible. You won't even feel like you are wearing anything. Flaunt your style with Bummer in comfort. 

What are you waiting for? Head to our shop section and get your perfect pair of undies now!

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