Types of Underwear Every Adult Must Know About

Types of Underwear Every Adult Must Know About

There are various types of underwear available for both men and women. It mainly depends from person to person on which type they prefer.

Whether it's comfort or fit, choosing the right underwear for you is essential. It's not the looks that matter but also on the quality, comfort, fabric and finishing of the underwear.
The Men’s underwear game once only had two major players i.e. boxers and briefs but now there is more opportunity than ever for a man to express his style when getting dressed for the day.

Men are no longer expected to declare loyalty to one-style only. Every style of underwear lends itself to different occasions.

Moisture-wicking briefs and trunks excel in athletic environments, while seamless briefs will go unnoticed beneath dress pants.

On the other hand, Boxers are known to be the most breathable type of underwear to wear and chill at home. There are no restrictions on wearing Boxers and heading out for casual scenes as they generally are a socially approved comfortable type of underwear.
The other types of underwear that are upcoming and trendy are boxer briefs, a hybrid of both boxers and briefs.

This style has proven to be the preferred choice of millenials as they are comfortable and can be worn at home as well as at work. T

The need for specialized athletic undies has been overcome by underwear styles like trunks and boxer-briefs that allow full range of motion and comfort.
Women’s Underwear has come a long way from its cotton & lace predecessors. A comfortable pair of underwear that is light and comfortable, seamless and supportive, and of course, make you feel great might seem like a task.

Fitting all of these design elements into one pair of underwear can be a tall order hence the best new-age styles of underwear are listed below :-

  1. Bikinis - Thongs not your thing? Underwear lines probably aren’t either. Go with a bikini cut. With more coverage than a thong, the bikini is a perfect minimalist choice. This style is a classic to wear under jeans & trousers.
  2. Hipsters - Halfway between a boyshort and a bikini, the hipster style sits a few inches below your natural waistline and is perfect for those who find that thinner waistbands cut into their skin. 
  3. Boy Shorts - the boyshort is a versatile piece that provides full coverage from waist to hip. A supportive design that doesn't allow for panty lines or muffin tops and until now was a popular design for shapewear.
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