What Lies Beneath: A Stylish Man’s Guide to Underwear

What Lies Beneath: A Stylish Man’s Guide to Underwear

We’ve all seen the #OOTD looks on social media, from celebrities to regular users flaunting their new pair of jeans or the latest kicks, but have you ever heard someone talking about their underwear? The answer is unarguably - No, we usually don’t discuss the things we can’t show off and undies are such unmentionables. The ultimate truth is, no person can claim to be perfectly dressed or feel confident in their outfit without the right underwear to support it.

A great outfit can look amazing on the outside, but can easily become an uncomfortable nightmare on the inside. Finding the right pair of undies for you and your style is crucial.

Many people wear the same type of undies, their whole life. Be it comfortable boxers or briefs. A person must switch between different types of underwear depending on his dressing style and comfort level, as some undies might not go well with the variety of clothing men wear.

It’s as simple as working out while wearing undies that ride up, just imagine the scene, how uncomfortable it would be. But the good thing is that, once a person finds his best style, there is no stopping them.

These days, there are so many options you can choose from. So it becomes necessary for one to understand the exact terminology to select the correct one. Let’s get you familiar with the types of undies available out there, and give you an idea of how to choose the perfect one that provides you with a relaxed feel, based on your needs.


Briefs – Briefs have a traditional Y-front, they’re the smallest and the most revealing among all styles. They go extremely well with low-rise pieces of denim and well-trimmed pants. People who like to engage in many activities will appreciate this style’s minimal feel and the full range of movement that it allows.

Boxers - The most comfortable and breathable undies with maximum coverage and utility. From undies to shorts and pyjamas, Boxers are easily the most versatile. They’re elasticated around the waist and the rest is left loose to give you that ‘commando’ feel. These super comfy undies won’t go well with slim fitted trousers as they may bunch up, thereby giving little support.

Boxer briefs - You may better know them as an offspring of boxers and briefs, culminating in the best of both worlds. This style settles perfectly on the waist and provides a lot of support. They go extremely well with your fitted pants or pieces of denim. The thigh coverage helps prevents chafing and friction. We call the can also wonder undie as they can be worn under almost all trousers.

Trunks – If you love boxer briefs, but find them quite long and need a shorter option, trunks are your best friends. They possess all the goodness of boxer briefs with slightly lesser thigh coverage and go best with all types of chinos, pants, trousers and shirts that need to be tucked in.

Athletic - Just imagine yourself running with your underwear riding up and bunching! Athletes require specially designed underpants that offer more stretch with quick-drying and breathable fabric. These features can help you concentrate on physical activities without having to bother about what is going on downstairs.

The bottom line is, what you wear matters, so be wise while picking the correct undie for you. Be it style or fabric, occasion or requirement. Happy bottoms maketh a happy man.

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