Why MicroModal® Undies Are The Best

Why MicroModal® Undies Are The Best

Meet the newest kid on the block.

Micromodal® has been the trendiest fabric in recent years for a plethora of different reasons.

Apart from being super soft and comfortable on the skin, Micromodal® is versatile and has a low impact on the environment, which makes it a much better alternative to traditional fabrics like cotton.

Cotton notoriously requires large amounts of water and resources to produce; it has made eco conscious millennials take a step back from the 5 century old tradition of wearing cotton underwear and explore their options.
What exactly is Micromodal®?
Well, it's a fabric woven out of the fibers from beechwood trees. MicroModal® is a semi-synthetic fabric that comes in a blend of elastane and natural beechwood tree filament.

But it is better known for its characteristic softness, silky feel, fit and its resistance to damage, shrinkage and pilling.

In addition to the above, We treat the fabric with an antimicrobial solution to make it bacteria and germ resistant. Micromodal® is proven to be 5x softer than cotton and more skin friendly due to it being lightweight and breathable. 
As magical as it may sound, Micromodal® undies are perfected through science and research; it comes in a variety of blends for different uses and needs. 
Bummer undies are made from a 92% Micromodal® & 8% Elastane, giving it the perfect balance between fit and comfort.

In addition to this, micro modal fabric is highly durable and resistant to shrinkage, which makes taking care of it effortless. It is machine washable and dryable and unlike most other fabrics, micro modal underwear will not pill, bleed dye, get wrinkled or have any changes in its silky texture and great fitting shape during the process.  

Micromodal® is a great fabric, but what makes it greater is the ability to make it work for you! It asks the age old question: do you fit into your undies or do your undies fit you?

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